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all kinds of infections; eye or ear diseases complicated by allergic reactions.

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all kinds of infections; eye or ear diseases caused by gram +ve and -ve bacteria


Fungal infections such as Candidiasis, Moniliasis and Aspergillosis in birds.


Bacterial gastrointestinal infections, like Staphylococcus, Streptococcus,Enterococcus in birds.


Multitivit-mix is a special mixture of hydrosoluble vitamins and glucose.


Infections of the airways caused by Ornithosis, Pneumonia, Mycoplasmosis, Psittacosis (Chlamydiosis) in birds.


Protozoal infections: Trichomoniasis (Canker), Giardiasis and Cochlosomosis in birds.


Salmonellosis, colibacillosis(sweating disease) and bacterial infections common in birds.


For prevention and treatment of round-and hairworm infestations in birds.