AMINO-FORT contains 20 amino acids of which the proportion of Methionine, Choline and Lysine is more than 30%.


By providing HEALTH OIL, the resistance capacity is stimulated in a natural way, so that the use of antibiotics can be reduced.


HEPATO-CHOL contains essential amino acids, vitamins, sorbitol and natural plant extracts.


MYCOSOL contains a selection of aromatics and essential oils that have a beneficial effect on health, including Oregano Vulgaris and a number of thyme chemotypes, with a pronounced effect against many problems and body weakness.


VIT-AZ-MIN contains abundant seaweed and is supplemented with an extra source of calcium.


In the preparation of the breeding and with a scarce basic nutrition of seeds / grains, shortages of these vitamins often arise, resulting in poor breeding results. Target