Bio-Allicine garlic extract

Duo Allicine 500ml


Allicin contains a very high content of garlic (1000 ppm). Garlic is known to have an extremely positive effect on the intestinal flora.


Duo Bird Protect protects your birds and poultry against all kinds of ailments such as tricho, coli, salmonella, worms, coccidiosis and more.


For keeping the upper airways clear. Mist during feeding, 4 consecutive days.


Protects against Tricho, salmonella, worms, coccidiosis, etc.


This elixir is a food supplement suitable for all animal species for a perfect build-up of resistance and condition.


This elixir is also based on the basic elixir with additional additions of beneficial substances specifically for a healthy intestinal flora and high immune system, which means that pathogens such as E-coli have fewer opportunities.


This elixir has the same beneficial properties as the basic elixir, with the addition of electrolytes.


Duo Kruiden Kurkuma Korrel 2000gr


Herb with many properties. Good for digestion and intestinal flora, antioxidant, brain function and orientation, improves resistance, delays acidification, good for heart and blood vessels, has an antifungal effect and helps with fatigue.

Duo Kruidenelixer

Duo Kruiden PBK Mix 600gr


A combination mix of probiotics and organic herbs to support health, form, resistance and performance.