For the treatment of fungal infections such as Candidiasis, Moniliasis and Aspergillosis in pigeons and ornamental birds


Liquid against lice, mites and worms. Birds can host endo– and ectoparasites and in majority of cases they are not associated with clinical disease In captivity, in particular, this delicate host-parasite relationship can easily be disturbed and ...


NOTE!! Product contains steroids, do not use before/during races!


Liquid worm agent for the treatment of infections caused by hair and roundworms. Worm the animals:


Pox cream for treatment of pox infections in Pigeons.

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Treatment and prevention of various types of coccidiosis and atoxoplasmosis in canaries and European birds. Suppression of common bacterial infections in young during growth. Important support in the prevention of "mega bacteria" and Black Point.

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Pantacox is used to control and prevent coccidiosis in birds.


RONELLA treats most diseases caused by flagellates: trichomonas, cochlosoma, hexamita and giardia. Canaries and European birds are often carriers of these protozoan infections.

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Prevention of nest mortality of young birds in their first week of life (canaries and European birds). Treatment and prevention of bacterial infections causing diarrhea in birds (canaries and European birds, small crooked beaks and pigeons).


We regularly see respiratory problems in cage birds ....


Prevention and treatment of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria spp. in cage birds and pigeons. Treatment of atoxoplasmosis in cage birds.


For all types of Birds.

Treatment against: Coccidiosis, Trichomonas and Bacterial Infections.


For all types of Birds.

Treatment against: Coccidiosis, Trichomonas and Bacterial Infections.


Giamectine is active against parasites (lice) and light worm infestation in pigeons.


Of course, the composition, operation, etc. will remain the same as you are used to. Para Therapy is a solution containing a quinolone derivative with a broad spectrum. This gives a go ...