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Universal preparation vermin and fly with immediate and long-term effect up to 6 weeks for the environment of the animals


chevita Ins 15 300ml


Contact and stomach poison and Others against ticks, mites, lice, lice, fleas and flies fast onset, long-lasting effect also in occupied blow applicable

Against liquid lice liquefied

Finecto+ Protect Bloedluis spray 1000ml


t is a remedy against red mite / red mite. It tackles both the larvae of the red louse and the adult louse.


Finendo+ Cox & Worm supports the animals' natural defense system against intestinal parasites.


Life week with a duration of action of up to 5 months.


Koudijs smoke tablet 170 grams For the treatment of fungal infections include asparagus gillis in pigeons, ornamental birds and aviary. Packaging is sufficient for animals at animal stays from 75 to 100m3.


Mitex BioSpray is a spray can kieselguhr (diatomaceous earth) is reliable and durable fights the red and black mite and all other crawling insects.