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Backs disinfectant against coccidia and worm eggs is excellent for all areas in lofts, poultry and rabbit hutches, and transport baskets.


This natural TKK variant has a positive effect on gut flora and the respiratory tract. TKK Nature reduces intestinal problems, the trichomoniasis and lower airways of course.


Secure killing coccidia, coccidial oocysts, worm eggs, worm larvae and trichomoniasis is effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi good wetting and penetration


Electrolyte and probiotic for regeneration of the intestinal flora


Finendo+ Cox & Worm supports the animals' natural defense system against intestinal parasites.


Improver™ does not cure the Adenovirus sickness, as Adenovirus is a virus disease and not a bacterial one. However, it seems to take much of the burden from the disease (as this virus in third stage interact with e.coli in the intestines) and helps the youngsters to develop immunity without losing too much energy.