External parasites

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Backs disinfectant against coccidia and worm eggs is excellent for all areas in lofts, poultry and rabbit hutches, and transport baskets.


Destroyed safely and quickly mites, mites, bird lice, ticks and all the pests in poultry houses.

Against liquid lice liquefied

Beaphar 404 Vogelspray – 500 Ml


Beaphar 404 Bird Spray is a spray for birds to combat pests such as red mites, mosquitoes and other flying insects.


chevita Ins 15 300ml


Contact and stomach poison and Others against ticks, mites, lice, lice, fleas and flies fast onset, long-lasting effect also in occupied blow applicable


Liquid against lice, mites and worms. Birds can host endo– and ectoparasites and in majority of cases they are not associated with clinical disease In captivity, in particular, this delicate host-parasite relationship can easily be disturbed and ...

Against liquid lice liquefied

Finecto+ Protect Bloedluis spray 1000ml


t is a remedy against red mite / red mite. It tackles both the larvae of the red louse and the adult louse.

Care of the plumes

Floracom 1000ml


Made from 100% natural herbs made from plants that grow in optimal, ecological conditions. This natural flora on your blow, brings the favorable environment for your pigeons.


Giamectine is active against parasites (lice) and light worm infestation in pigeons.


Life week with a duration of action of up to 5 months.


Magical drops, effective where others fail. Against resistant endo- and ecto- parasites, like mite, lice, hairworm  and roundworm.