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Disinfection of the eye mucus membranes, the lacrymal canal and mucus membranes of the nose in case of wet eyes and eye membranes (inflamed third eyelid).

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Bony Eeyedrops is a care product for ocular mucous membranes, the nictitating membrane, the tear duct and mucous membranes of the nose with wet eyes and respiratory infections. Naturally Bony Eyedrops (natural) contains no cortisones.


Care product for the eyes, the nictitating membrane and the nostrils of the pigeon.


Lysocur loft spray ensures healthy air in your loft. It has been scientifically proven beneficial effect on the eyes and the respiratory tract.

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Eye Drops (20ml)


Nourishing eye drops for pigeons that disinfect the nose and eye mucous membranes.


Herbots Special eye drops Golden Eye Drops are eye drops, specially developed for pigeons.


Active cleaner for all mucous membranes such as nose and eyes, wounds!


Soothing Eye and nose drops for pigeons. Support care of the eye, the nictitating membrane and the mucous membrane of the nostrils. During the racing season for a clear view and optimal air passage ways.