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For breeding


LIQUID SHEEP FAT IS AN IDEAL ENERGY SOURCE FOR PIGEONS: CONTAINS VITAMIN E AND OMEGA 3-6 AND 9 FATTY ACIDS Saturated fat 24% (of which 4% multiple) Unsaturated fat 76% (multiple) Omega 3 - 6 - 9 Fatty acids

Backs (Matador)

Backs Meister Mix 1000g


Backs master mix can be given to your animals throughout the year. Backs Meister Mix naturally provides your animals with trace elements, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.


Composition: brewer’s yeast, milk proteins, wheat bran.


Brewer's yeast extra fine is a purely natural product. Brewer's yeast extra fine contains amino acids, minerals and trace elements, as well as vitamin B.


High content of L-carnitine Higher energy during the flight of fat metabolism less fatigue, fewer muscle spasms, reduce muscle breakdown during the flight With B vitamins for a smooth flow of ...


Highly concentrated liquid mineral and trace element formulation contains the minerals: phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and sodium Contains the trace elements: iron, manganese, zinc, copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine No doping, no Ne ...

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Multivitamin concentrate on the body to replenish reserves for the training and for the elimination of deficiencies in the essential amino acids methionine and lysine for an optimum protein metabolism (betting tickets, growth, moulting) and Sy ...

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Multivitamin concentrate to replenish body reserves before exercise and for the elimination of deficiencies with the essential amino acids methionine and lysine for an optimum protein metabolism (betting tickets, growth, moult) and to Sy ...

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Creatine for strength and endurance increase carnitine improved energy salicylic acid, as anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning component vitamins, trace elements and amino acids for a smooth functioning of the K ...


Tempo 60 contains 32 substances, a pigeon needs every day has, including soy protein, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.

DHP Cultura

DHP CPM 500ml


CPM (calcium / phosphorus / magnesium). , , .A high-quality composition of essential basic and building materials such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which are extremely important for listless, crooked and powerless flying pigeons. Furthermore, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium affect the formation and supply of the skeleton and the quality of the egg shells.

DHP Cultura

DHP V-Power 2,5 L


V-Power is the result of development and far-reaching optimization and stands for powerful energy-rich fats (Vet Power) that are needed to build up the reserves for these important races.


Doste-Oregano with higher concentrations of the active substances against bacteria and coccidiosis, plus essential oils for free respiratory tracts and with essential oils for healthy respiratory tract.


- to improve the recovery after the race as well as performance improvement during the racing season, breeding and the moulting period - before, during and after antibiotics - to support during the treatment against the youngsters disease - contains sorbitol for liver protection as well as bound iron for the condition


Electrolyte and probiotic for regeneration of the intestinal flora