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LIQUID SHEEP FAT IS AN IDEAL ENERGY SOURCE FOR PIGEONS: CONTAINS VITAMIN E AND OMEGA 3-6 AND 9 FATTY ACIDS Saturated fat 24% (of which 4% multiple) Unsaturated fat 76% (multiple) Omega 3 - 6 - 9 Fatty acids


B-complex 250ml


The liquid, water-soluble B-Complex strengthens the nerves of the widowers and promotes the build-up of a good shape on the day of use.


Backs sulfur flower is recommended especially during the moulting season. Sulfur is a component of many occurring in the organism of the pigeon protein compounds and plays an essential role in formation of plumage.

Backs (Matador)

Backs Extra Energie 400g


Backs Energie Extra contains high-quality carbohydrates, electrolytes, Vitamin B 12 and vitamin C. The carefully chosen carbohydrates ensure the gradual absorption of glycogen.

Backs (Matador)

Backs Meister Mix 1000g


Backs master mix can be given to your animals throughout the year. Backs Meister Mix naturally provides your animals with trace elements, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

Belgica de Weerd

Belga Biovit 500ml


Optimal mineral care for the whole year in case of shortages of minerals and trace elements.


Belgabion is used for the rapid and effective treatment of vitamin deficiencies.


Ideal to support a top condition all year round. Belgaforme® Oil is a source of extra energy during the breeding and sport season and supports the pigeons in the moult with the formation of a silky soft plumage.


Belgasol 1000 ml Information: Belgasol is a unique combination of electrolytes, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids based on energy carriers.


Belgasol 500 ml Information: Belgasol is a unique combination of electrolytes, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids based on energy carriers.


this brewer's yeast powder is a natural source of proteins, vitamins and minerals - the natural amino acids and vitamins of the B complex have a positive effect on the vitality and resistance

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Bony B.M.T. – 500 gr


Composition: brewer’s yeast, milk proteins, wheat bran.


Bony Basis Essence is a mixture that can be offered to pigeons as you please. Bony Basic Essence is one of the products from our gamma that helps to support the basic health of pigeons. Bony Basic Essence can be supplied over the food in combination with Bony B.M.T. as adhesive to the food Bony Omega 3 Nucleovit can be used.

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Bony Bio B.M.T. is a product that is extremely suitable for the basic condition of the pigeons


Bony Bio Boost is composed of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids. Research has shown that these short and medium-chain glycerides possess antibacterial and antiviral animal performance-enhancing properties. Bony Bio Boost contains precisely these fatty acids to inhibit gram-negative pathogenic bacteria and to deactivate fat-enveloped viruses. In addition, these pathogens cannot develop a resistance against these glycerides.