Backs (Matador)

Backs Meister Mix 1000g


Backs master mix can be given to your animals throughout the year. Backs Meister Mix naturally provides your animals with trace elements, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

Bio-Allicine garlic extract

Duo Allicine 500ml


Allicin contains a very high content of garlic (1000 ppm). Garlic is known to have an extremely positive effect on the intestinal flora.

For the moult

garlic juice f 500 ml


Vanhee garlic juice for optimal health and to strengthen the pigeons after the flight. Can be used in addition to the feed in combination with Vanhee Brewer's Yeast 9000.

For breeding

Herbots 4 oils 500ml


4 Oils ist eine ausgewogene Komposition aus 4 reinen Ölen, die vom Taubenorganismus sehr gut aufgenommen werden.

Garlic garlic Bio allicin

Natural Garlic Oil (150ml)


Look stimulates the assimilation of food and prevents gastrointestinal disturbances. It also improves the circulation of the blood, protects the respiratory system and it has a worm-proof


Look stimulates the assimilation of the food and prevents malfunctions in digestion. It also ensures better circulation of the blood...