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LIQUID SHEEP FAT IS AN IDEAL ENERGY SOURCE FOR PIGEONS: CONTAINS VITAMIN E AND OMEGA 3-6 AND 9 FATTY ACIDS Saturated fat 24% (of which 4% multiple) Unsaturated fat 76% (multiple) Omega 3 - 6 - 9 Fatty acids

Backs (Matador)

Backs Balance 1000 ml


Better Protein digestion with Balance. If there is no good protein digestion, "cleaners" will become active. Hiemstra discovered 2 different bacteria that clean up toxins and fungi. These bacteria come from specific seeds.


Bony Power-Glutavit is a well-balanced mixture of meadow-protein and vitamins. Next to that Bony Power-Glutavit is enriched with chlorella. Our used chlorella is a monocellular alga from Korea. This algae is rich with chlorophyll and because of this enriched with magnesium. Glutamine, an amino acid, is very important for good functioning of the intestinal cells and the muscle cells. Supplying extra Bony Power-Glutavit after a race ensures faster recovery of muscles and intestinal functioning. Excellent for use in the preparation before the races.

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Creatine for strength and endurance increase carnitine improved energy salicylic acid, as anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning component vitamins, trace elements and amino acids for a smooth functioning of the K ...

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Creatine to increase strength and endurance Carnitine for better energy utilization salicylic acid, as anti-inflammatory and blood-thinning component vitamins, trace elements and amino acids for smooth operations of the K ...

DHP Cultura

DHP V-Power 2,5 L


V-Power is the result of development and far-reaching optimization and stands for powerful energy-rich fats (Vet Power) that are needed to build up the reserves for these important races.


APF 90 is a light digestible, high-grade animal protein concentrate. It is characterized by high purity and an excellent balanced amino acid spectrum with a biological value of 134.


SUPER FLIGHT was specially developed for Taiwan, where you play with the same pigeons every 3 days. A quick recuperation and condition building is then necessary. It is an ideal product when playing with different pigeons from one loft on various flights.


MULTI VITAMIN FORTE Good for 250 liters of drinking water. MUTIVITAMIN FORTE is a high-quality multi-vitamin preparation custom tailored for pigeons.


Backs Protein Plus contains high-quality animal protein to build up the muscles and plumage of pigeons. In addition, Backs Protein Plus contains mannan oligosaccharides.


HesseChol is a supplementary food for pigeons with Methionine, Cholin and Sorbit. It promotes the building of muscle and gives an optimal plumage It improves fat burning


Immune Booster immune booster intestinal health mold assembly cub powder is characterized to be used by a high protein content and a first combination to activate the passive and active immune system together with ...