Infection caused by protozoas susceptible to Carnidazole. (same active ingredients as GAMBAMIX / Spartrix)


CCIE tablet: Combined oral treatment for coccidiosis, canker, irritation of the mucous membrane. Internal- and external parasites in homing pigeons.


Trichomoniasis (frounce), Mycoplasmosis and airway disorders in general. Combination tablet for oral individual treatment of Trichomoniasis (frounce), airway disorders (e.g. Mycoplasmosis) in birds.


Trichomoniasis (frounce) is caused by flagellate protozoa in the bill or in the gastrointestinal tract (Hexamitiasis). The birds lose their appetite and may start refusing food.

Illness symptoms

Dac Pharma Metrotabs


Tablet for individual treating trichomonades/hexamites (canker).


Ronidazole 20% by DAC is one of the most effective treatments to control trichomoniasis, Hexamitiasis (canker) in pigeons and birds.


Flagellates (trichomonads, hexamites) are usually responsible for latent and subclinical infections that lead to apparently healthy animals that have less than the expected vitality. Chronically infected animals are in poor condition and are more prone to other forms of illness. These micro-organisms often cause intestinal infections in younger animals.


This disinfectant acts against bacteria and viruses (including salmonella, coli bacteria and paramyxo virus). Every pigeon fancier will understand the importance of disinfecting the pigeon-loft during times of illness to prevent reinfection.