In this respect, DAC provides optimum support by supplying just the right mix of medicines and natural products. As an enthusiast who keeps, flies and breeds pigeons you are unfortunately confronted with the problem of sick birds and the accompanying complications. Obviously, diet, hygiene and good shelters play an important role, but measures to control pathogens are also extremely important! This is why, after years of research in collaboration with leading pigeon racers and experts, DAC has developed a complete range of medicines, vitamins, fitness products and natural preparations, so that you can take optimum care of your pigeons and keep them in peak condition.


Early treatment is important!


These calcium tablets are suitable for all types of birds that are deficient in calcium, glucose or Vitamin B. Calcium + contains easily absorbable calcium, vitamins and glucose.


Bumblefoot infection. Cream for topical individual treatment of Bumblefoot infection


The product contains microorganisms that boost the immune system and resrtre healthy intestinal microflora after antibiotic treatment or vaccination.


This mix is a combination of Doxycycline and Broomhexine mucus dissolver and is used for the treatment of bronchial infections combined with mucus in the upper respiratory system.


The combination of Trimethoprim and Sulfa give an in unison bactericidal broad-spectrum effect. Both antibiotic intervene in different ways. This combination is active against the Adeno-Coli Syndrom and Coccidiosis


Indication: Adeno/E-coli syndrome, Paratyphus and Coccidiosis. Combination tablet for oral individual treatment of Adeno/E-coli Syndrome, Paratyphus and Coccidiosis in pigeons.

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Amprolium 10% has a preventive action for returning birds and is administered as treatment in drinking water.


Broomhexine Mucus dissolver for treating mucus in the upper respiratory system. By using Broomhexine Mucus dissolver the day before and the day of basketing, you insure that your pigeons go to the races with a clean throat.


Infection caused by protozoas susceptible to Carnidazole. (same active ingredients as GAMBAMIX / Spartrix)


CCIE tablet: Combined oral treatment for coccidiosis, canker, irritation of the mucous membrane. Internal- and external parasites in homing pigeons.


Along with trichomonades, coccidioses are the protozoan's which occur most frequently in pigeons.


Coccitabs, which are used for treating coccidiosis individually in pigeons, are preventive and healing alike!

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Colistin is often administered to animals for the treatment of bacterial infections, especially for the treatment of bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract (e.g. salmonella, E-Coli).


Tablet for individual treatment. This combitablet is highly suitable for the treatment of coccidiosis, trichomonades and hexamites (canker).