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Giantel BV distributes the best medicine -and health preparations for non-consumption animals such as pigeons and cage -and aviary birds. All products are manufactured under G.M.P. conditions and in close cooperation with veterinarians and pharmacists. Many people around the world achieve top results with Giantel products year by year! Among the large number of Giantel customers there are many national –and international champions including:

Harrie Kennes, Gebr. Borgmans, P. Gijbels, van Limpt – Prut, Gebr. Heesters, Wilfried Stiel, van Herk & zn, A. en C. van Gestel, Hans Broeders, Harrie Kennes, Will & Dirk Geudens, Ruud Moes, H. de Graaf, Geurt Doppenberg, René Mertens, Combination Vleugels – van Limpt and many more.