View the range of Backs / Matador on our website, we have put together a number of packages on the advice of Backs / Matador.

Look at the recommended products below. Matador was founded in 1939 by Ludwig Buchard, they have chosen about 25 years to continue on food for hobby animals. But they mainly focus on racing pigeons, birds and rodents. Through years of experience and many achievements with the help of the products of Matador and Backs, the product line is very high in the Market.

View the products from Backs / Matador below.


Backs disinfectant against coccidia and worm eggs is excellent for all areas in lofts, poultry and rabbit hutches, and transport baskets.


Universal preparation vermin and fly with immediate and long-term effect up to 6 weeks for the environment of the animals


Glut-Amin (protein concentrate) has a large quantity of concentrated and matched amino acids to each other. Its inclusion takes the pigeons very little energy.


Is a natural product for pigeons. Garlic contains natural allicin as active substance. Allicin delivers stimulates a positive contribution to a healthy colon. During the degradation of garlic in the organism created several substances that doorbl ...


Is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids. During the digestion process, lecithin reduces oil drops, so that fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins


Backs Moor Concentrate is an extract of marsh-dwelling plants that are subject to a natural process of fermentation after the death underwater. This produces valuable humus compounds such as humic acids, tannins, minerals and other organ ...


Backs Multivitamin capsules contain all important for the organism of pigeons vitamins. The feeding is recommended in times of increased stress to compensate for vitamin deficiencies.


Also thanks to the last knowledge in nutrition, a new oil developed that gives an optimal energy to the pigeons and also ensures a strong and healthy immune system.


Destroyed safely and quickly mites, mites, bird lice, ticks and all the pests in poultry houses.


This composition arose from years of experience. Backs Rodimin prevents the flying field


Backs sulfur flower is recommended especially during the moulting season. Sulfur is a component of many occurring in the organism of the pigeon protein compounds and plays an essential role in formation of plumage.

Backs (Matador)

Backs Backs VI-SPU-MIN


acks VI-SPU-MIN is the latest research and experiences composite mineral mixture.

Backs (Matador)

Backs Balance 1000 ml


Better Protein digestion with Balance. If there is no good protein digestion, "cleaners" will become active. Hiemstra discovered 2 different bacteria that clean up toxins and fungi. These bacteria come from specific seeds.

Backs (Matador)

Backs Extra Energie 400g


Backs Energie Extra contains high-quality carbohydrates, electrolytes, Vitamin B 12 and vitamin C. The carefully chosen carbohydrates ensure the gradual absorption of glycogen.

Backs (Matador)

Backs Meister Mix 1000g


Backs master mix can be given to your animals throughout the year. Backs Meister Mix naturally provides your animals with trace elements, minerals, amino acids and vitamins.