Beaphar is a Dutch manufacturer of an extensive range of medicines, care products and food for pets.

Against liquid lice liquefied

Beaphar 404 Vogelspray – 500 Ml


Beaphar 404 Bird Spray is a spray for birds to combat pests such as red mites, mosquitoes and other flying insects.


Anti-trachea mite spot-on solution for cage and aviary birds to combat trachea and air sac mites. Also effective against mange in parakeets.


Beaphar Anti-Parasite is the veterinary medicine for the control of roundworms and whipworms, mites and lice in rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, chinchillas and ferrets.


Mite Blocker Combi from Beaphar has been specially developed for flightless birds, ornamental chickens and their environment.


Multi-Vit for birds contains 11 different types of vitamins. Multi-Vit accelerates moulting, improves condition and increases singing performance.


Parasita is a spot-on solution for pigeons and aviary birds to combat lice and mites. Also effective against scabies in parakeets.


Vitalith contains minerals that pigeons need.


Beaphar Worm Remedy for Birds Veterinary medicine to combat roundworms and hairworms in canaries, parakeets, parrots, pheasants, (ornamental) poultry, turkeys, peacocks, pigeons, etc.