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BELGAVET SEIFFERT Bvba, we are producers of natural products and supplementary animal feed. All without side effects or banned substances, doping free. Founded in 1987 by Christian Seiffert van der Merwede and located in the center of Antwerp, offering easy access to various ports around the world.

Belgavet mission: Is to keep searching for the highest quality of raw materials all over the world, in order to remain at the top of the ranking with the best possible products that the market has to offer. Meanwhile, research is continuing to create new excellent products. Help and service are also offered to get the maximum benefit from the use of our products.

Every year, enthusiasts know the same phenomena: youth, stress, contests, heat and extreme weather conditions ensure that many lofts experience big problems and big losses from their youngsters.

Belgavet offers the most complete supplemental food products for both breeding, breeding and flight periods of your pigeons.