Bene-Bac Plus

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Bene-Bac Plus contains a source of living, naturally occurring microorganisms.

In healthy animals we find both beneficial and harmful bacteria in the digestive system. However, the beneficial bacteria are very sensitive and can be affected or destroyed for a variety of reasons. Bene-Bac Plus can provide the required number of beneficial bacteria (FOS and probiotics) in a completely safe way.

Bene-Bac Plus

Bene-Bac Plus Gel


Bene-bac Pet Gel & Powder is the ideal way to maintain the intestinal flora of your dog and / or cat. Reaches all beneficial bacteria in the intestinal flora

Bene-Bac Plus

Bene-Bac Plus poeder


Bene-bac Plus powder from PetAg contains live microorganisms (bacteria and yeast) that naturally live in your animal's intestines.