Quality is the magic word for all Beyers mixtures

Quality is the basic principle in everything Beyers Belgium does. The selection of high-quality grains, a fourfold cleaning and balanced compositions ensure that your pigeons don’t miss out. In particular, the thorough cleaning that the grains undergo is unparalleled. All grains in the mixtures are cleaned twice separately before being mixed and then cleaned again and finally brushed.


It is important when feeding pigeons that the mixtures can meet the needs of your pigeons, which is not necessarily the case with heavy loads. At Beyers, we therefore mainly focus on mixtures with a maximum uptake of nutrients, so that your pigeons can get as much energy from as little feed as possible. After all, digesting the feed also costs energy and in today’s pigeon sport the time between two flights is often limited. It is also important not to go for quick success, but to let your pigeons perform in the long term. This means that the diet must be composed in such a way that no deficiencies arise, so that there is no setback after a flight or seven.

In addition to nutrition, it is often advisable, as is also the case with top athletes, to provide your pigeons with extras in the form of by-products to maximize their performance. The high-quality range of Beyers Plus offers extensive possibilities for this.

Feeding according to need

Very important when feeding pigeons is to respond to their needs. These needs depend on the period of the year and the degree of loading. When we look at the nutrients in grains, the basis of all mixtures for pigeons consists of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The ratio between these nutrients must be tailored to the needs of your pigeons. Carbohydrates (sugars) always form the largest proportion. The protein content should be higher during breeding and after a heavy flight and the fat content should be increased towards basketing.

Keep it simple

There is no such thing as the best mixture. The reason for this is that pigeon fanciers approach their sport in very different ways. They use very different systems and the degree of loading also varies greatly. The question must therefore always be, which feed system best suits you and your system. As a general rule, you can stick to the principle ‘keep it simple’. After all, it is generally true in today’s pigeon sport that, as Ad Schaerlaeckens states, the one who makes the fewest mistakes becomes champion.

On this website we present you our products, with recommendations on their use, based on the experiences of successful fanciers. See which method best suits your system and make use of it to bring the results of your colony to a higher level. With Beyers Belgium you get quality in the house for pigeon feed. Choose quality and get the best out of your pigeons.

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