DHP Cultura

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DHP Cultura


HUMUS drink originated from the fermentation of effective micro-organisms, garlic, honey and herbal extracts and is full of good beneficial bacteria (pre- and probiotics.)

DHP Cultura

DHP Allicine 250ml


Allicin . . . . The best of and from the garlic.


The unique composition of the product “BCK Bio Condition Herb Mix” developed by DHP Cultura gives a clear boost in fitness and performance drive.

DHP Cultura

DHP CPM 500ml


CPM (calcium / phosphorus / magnesium). , , .A high-quality composition of essential basic and building materials such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, which are extremely important for listless, crooked and powerless flying pigeons. Furthermore, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium affect the formation and supply of the skeleton and the quality of the egg shells.


Bronchovital is a powerful tonic Topform herbal, which is specifically designed to optimize to get and keep the airways of the modern pigeon sport clean


Die natürliche Lösung gegen E.Coli Hat eine effektive Unterstützungsfunktion zur Vorbeugung gegen verschiedene bakterielle Erkrankungen wie E. coli, Salmonellen etc.


Darba Complete consists of an expert sophisticated composition of herbs, honey, fruits and organic acids which have undergone! Natural fermentation


Energieverstärker bestehen aus organischem hochwertigem Protein mit für Tauben all notwendigen Additive als essentielle und nicht-essentielle Aminosäuren, Vitamine....


Omega Oil of DHP Cultura is specially developed to provide racing pigeons more energy and resources and is very rich in the so-called unsaturated fatty acids 3, 6 and 9.

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The Natee going to rename, the reason is that many people think Natee is drawn liquid tea, and that's not so.


Liquid sheep of DHP Cultura is made from a very high percentage of cleaned high quality sheep and various kinds of vegetable oils!

DHP Cultura

DHP V-Power 2,5 L


V-Power is the result of development and far-reaching optimization and stands for powerful energy-rich fats (Vet Power) that are needed to build up the reserves for these important races.