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Since 1949 Röhnfried has developed and distributed a full range of specialized products for pigeons. Today we are honored that international top international growers and racers successfully use our Röhnfried product range. International champions from the Netherlands and Belgium such as Kees Bosua, Dirk van Dyck, Gaby Vandenabeele and Albert Derwa and Johny & Yves Jonckers all trust in our products. This shows that professional health limitation is one of the key factors for success.
GMP Quality
The substance of our pharmaceutical products is subject to the same requirements as for human use. Our production is at the top GMP quality standards. Also work our scientific and product development department meticulously with biological and pharmaceutical laboratories, member clinics, veterinarians, universities and health services.

Why should you buy Röhnfried products?

Quality from tradition
More success with breeding and sport
Natural products
Own production in Germany


Avibac Stabilizer creates a stable and beneficial environment by occupying it with safe, probiotic bacteria. This will develop a healthy microflora in the dovecote.


Avidress Plus contains short-chain acids that lower the pH of drinking water to the extent that it reduces the risk of infection. It also contains minerals, trace elements, oregano and cinnamon.


OptiBreed contains an active ingredient complex that improves protein synthesis through its function. This is reflected in the fast growth of the young. Other components stabilize the intestinal tract, which results in a strengthening of the immune system.


Supplementing the diet with valuable herbs. For a healthy diet of pigeons.


Powdery feed supplement based on horseradish and nasturtium in support of the airways. Stimulating effect on the physiological ejection of dust, mucus and airway linings.


An active metabolism is essential for fast regeneration and strengthening after betting flights. An optimal Mauser and vigorous growth of the young animals are crucial for the pigeon sport.


Rohnfried bath salts are recommended in all seasons, especially during molting. Dust, dirt and dead skin skin, poor feathers and down are resolved, released and promoted in this way the spring change and skin care of ..


Bio-Air-fresh is a herb distillate based on various natural herbs. The ethereal fluid for years in human medicine used for respiratory disorders.


To improve performance and drink disinfection of water. Power dust not only provided grain feed and water. A top shape by getting the pigeons Rohnfried flash shape! The pigeons come home 5 to 10 minutes earlier!

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A top shape by getting the pigeons Rohnfried flash shape! The pigeons come home 5 to 10 minutes earlier! Because they are in top form by the lightning form of Rohnfried!


BT Amin forte contains high-dose amino acids, electrolytes and B vitamins in a defined composition


The most important component of Carni-Speed is L-carnitine. This vitamin-like substance has a central role in the fat metabolism of pigeons.


DarmFit contains butyric acid and medium-chain fatty acids, which increase the intestinal health of poultry (chickens, quail and ducks). The butyric acid is active in the intestine, supports the growth of villi and thus leads to a higher immune defense.


t contains probiotic bacteria and special prebiotics, which are needed for optimal colonization of the intestinal flora. Entrobac is ideal for colon cleansing during or after exercise, diet changes, stress periods and treatments.

Mineralen & kalk Reptielen & Amfibieën

Röhnfried Flugfit (60tab)


The performances improve in a clear way and pigeons are rarely "fledged". In addition to the vitamin A and the vitamins of the B complex, it also contains all the necessary trace elements plus amino acids such as lecithin and glutamine.