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For breeding

garlic juice f 500 ml


Vanhee garlic juice for optimal health and to strengthen the pigeons after the flight. Can be used in addition to the feed in combination with Vanhee Brewer's Yeast 9000.

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Vanhee Of Tea Liquid-5000A 500ml


The liquid - Supplement animal feed for pigeons. Of tea-5000 liquid A is a liquid, concentrated, ready-to-use infusions. It has a favorable contribution during the racing season, moulting and breeding period.


Soothing Eye and nose drops for pigeons. Support care of the eye, the nictitating membrane and the mucous membrane of the nostrils. During the racing season for a clear view and optimal air passage ways.


2 in 1 resistance-enhancing natural product - Supplement animal feed for pigeons.

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Vanhee Van-Vitam 1000B 250g


Condition powder with B vitamins - Supplement animal feed for pigeons.


Bath salts with extra added natural essential oils of eucalyptus,


Victory Power Pills 3000+ is an energy support and resistance vitamin preparation.


Garlic oil for pigeons! 100% natural.