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Bony A-Booster is a highly concentrated solution containing amino-acids and vitamins.


Bony Power-Glutavit is a well-balanced mixture of meadow-protein and vitamins. Next to that Bony Power-Glutavit is enriched with chlorella. Our used chlorella is a monocellular alga from Korea. This algae is rich with chlorophyll and because of this enriched with magnesium. Glutamine, an amino acid, is very important for good functioning of the intestinal cells and the muscle cells. Supplying extra Bony Power-Glutavit after a race ensures faster recovery of muscles and intestinal functioning. Excellent for use in the preparation before the races.


Floris Immuno Blaster is an additional feed specially developed for racing pigeons.


Tollyamin contains high doses of amino acids, electrolytes and vitamin B in an optimal mixing ratio. Based on the composition, you can use Tollyamin throughout the year during the races, breeding and moulting.