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Leo Heremans really great
Leo Heremans birds have gained worldwide recognition with amazing results in the shorter sprint and middle distance races Leo reached the First National Ace youngsters KBDB 2012 with Bolt.Since auction PIPA Bolt moved to China in May 2013 for € 310,000. The full auction of Leo Heremans (530 pigeons) was more than 2.5 million euros. What a great result. Leo Heremans pigeons not only perform very well, they also looked very healthy and in top condition. Leo is always mentioning the magic drops BIRDY products as a daily menu. More information is available here
2007 The starting point ...
After 3 years of intensive testing Birdy products launched onto the international market. Not for commercial purposes, but mainly because the test results were super.

Each subject was over and over again and is still happy with the aid of the birdy products on a daily basis. Use our products and you will see the difference week after week.
birdy products is only a small but hiqh quality range of products. We do not want that 25 different products to be used at 7 days for purely commercial purposes.

Keep healthy birds and homing pigeons in an easy basis through the use of each day the same products.
Just try it and you'll be surprised.

Good luck!

For all kinds of questions and professional advice we are happy to help. Just fill in our contact and will reply ASAP with a decent non-commercial response.