Bony Farma

Bony Farma

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Bony Farma Bony SGR 1000ml
Bony Farma Bony SGR 1000ml

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Bony Farma

The principle of Bony Farma is promoting the natural health of the pigeons. Starting point is improving health of pigeons by means of supplying natural products (nutriceuticals, see box). These natural nutritious substances contribute to an optimal health. In moulting-, breedingand racing periods, these supplements improve the wellbeing and the condition of the pigeons and increase performances. These natural products are no veterinary medicinal products, but just additives that can help to prevent or reduce antibiotics and chemotherapeutics. That decreases the chance for outbreaks of deceases.

In (Western) Europe few veterinaries and clinics seriously focus on medical guidance of pigeons. Not many veterinarians consider pigeon sport as one of the most fascinating aspects of their profession. When necessary, medication is prescribed, it is however questionable if they meet up to the needs of modern pigeon sport. Now still medications are supplied based on doses and traditions from the Seventies and Eighties of the previous century. However in the meanwhile scientific insights concerning infections caused by bacteria's, viruses and parasites are strongly improved! For example, adjusted dosages are required for resistance of bacteria's and protozoans.

Most veterinarians orientate on regular veterinary science when medical supervision of pigeon sport is at stake... in this curing animals with deceases is top priority. In case of illnesses, mostly a medicine is prescribed, for example a vermifuge or an antibiotic; purpose is to kill the pathogenic agent as soon as possible. Naturally we fully support this ambition to eliminate the cause of much misery as soon as possible.
One step beyond

However we take supervision of pigeon sport one step beyond. The last 30 years Veterinary Science Centre Beek searched for new ways that contribute to the general, natural resistance of pigeons; for example, they can process the negative effects of an infection faster.

Principle of the Bony Farma pigeon products is creating an environment that optimally supports the natural resistance and therefore minimizes the chance for illnesses. In pigeon racing, the margins between winning and losing are very small. It is therefore of the biggest importance to leave nothing to coincidence.

We stay as close to nature as possible and we fully use the many possibilities offered to us by nature. That is why the Bony Farma pigeon products are mostly based on a variety and combination of nutritious substances and herbs that support the immune system, improve bronchial tubes and intestinal flora and maximize performances.

In short, our philosophy towards pigeon racing is a combination of regular medical science (medicines) and a natural approach (herbs).

This website forms an indication of the possibilities our approach can offer professional pigeon sport. The accent lies on natural products and nutriceuticals, regular and skilful veterinary medical products will only be mentioned sidewise.

Basic element in the natural approach of pigeon racing is formed by Bony S.G.R., a resistance-drink and also acidifying herbal- drink.

Consistent and regular supplying of Bony SGR strongly contributes to (young) pigeons rising healthier, more powerful and generally in need of less medication. Their immune system develops much better because they do meet ’childhood illnesses’ but show none of the symptoms. Therefore they need less energy to fight these illnesses. Energy they need for optimal development towards strong pigeons in top condition.
The Bony Farma product line contains several natural products that support the health of pigeons in a natural way! Generally known is the Bony Omega 3 Flight Oils with nucleotides, vitamins and octacosanol as well as Bony Omega 3 Reproduction Oil with a high percentage of EPA and DHA.
The base

The Bony Farma pigeon products are developed to support healthy pigeons. In moulting, breeding and racing season they improve the wellbeing and the condition of pigeons, resulting in better performances.

However, function of the supplements is not to hide deeper causes. In case of illnesses a specific treatment must result in curing. The natural products can then be useful to stimulate recovery by improving health and supporting the own immune system of the pigeon.