Dofo Natuurprodukten

Dofo Natuurprodukten

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Dofo Natuurprodukten

Brings your pigeons in TOP FORM and permanent health so that you fly more and better prices. Healthy pigeons are daily fun (and less care). Pigeons with clean heads are price pigeons.

To avoid many problems. It will save you much unnecessary expenses. Try it yourself, you’ll be amazed how much mucus comes out, even in healthy-looking pigeons. Your pigeons will thank you for it and you’re pigeon friendly without antibiotics.

Furthermore these two DOFO products matched.DOFO Sliepzand RT and DOFO Propolis Super be achieved amazing results and provide more security for a good health of your pigeons.

For you are DOFO products, products of the future.Whitin 3 years known across the world for thousands of pigeon fans an outcome as well as nationally and internationally.

DOFO Propolis Super a rediscovered natural product of our bees, disinfectant against bacteria, mildew and viral diseases and contains lots of vitamins.

DOFO Sliepzand RT to prevent coccidiosis - yellow - grubs - weteyes - herpes - fertility - thick heads - trichomonaise - paratyphoid - paramixo. Within 5 minutes a visible result.