Duo-Kruiden Jan Smit

Duo-Kruiden Jan Smit

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Duo-Kruiden Jan Smit

Duo Elixir was developed by Jan Smit with all that nature has to offer, this elixir is 100% natural.
It consists of 120 different types of herbs, vegetable oils and minerals. Duo Herbal Elixir is therefore a good natural supplement to our diet. In our body deficits unnatural and incomplete diet, lack of exercise, stress and environmental external influences such as smog and air pollution, Jan Smit has developed his knowledge of plants and herbs in a way that these deficits (can) provide arise.

Originally for animals

The elixir was originally developed for the sport, later proved to have on other species where the resistance and condition were already increases by only a few milliliters per day beneficial.

Now also for man

After years of research and testing variants, Jan Smit from Veendam some time ago brought Duo Elixir for the people in the market.