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After several years of testing, we have decided to create a unique system of by-products on the market under the name Star. These products should support your pigeons in every stage of cultivation, fly to moult.

The aim of the Star range is to keep your pigeons perfectly healthy throughout the year, because only healthy pigeons prizes to be won.

Your birds healthy.

And the pigeons are healthy not to pass only medication. On the contrary, the art of the sport lies he is to give as little as possible medication and prevent various diseases using high quality natural products.

  • BactoStar
  • BronchoStar
  • Ph Bluestar
  • Flexi Star

Extra power for your pigeons.

The Star range also includes products that help build your pigeons forces back to those consumed after a hard race and give your pigeons with that extra energy they need for the next challenge.

  • Protein Star
  • Power Star

With the right products, healthy pigeons and pigeon perfectly balanced, you certainly more chance of success!