Wonder Pigeon

Wonder Pigeon

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Wonder Pigeon


A supplementary feed with amazing results in mating, laying, hatching and growing, even with better flight performance result and this without any side effects. A combination of fatty acids with a natural anti-bacterial effect and super recuperation - properties. Thoroughly changed the outlook on how we will soon take care of our birds.

Wonder Pigeon is a supplementary feed which was developed specifically for racing pigeons. It is composed of a proprietary blend of monoglycerides and diglycerides of butyric acid, caprylic acid, carpinezuur, propionic acid and lauric acid.

EFFECTS OF monoglycerides on the intestinal flora:

They improve the intestinal health of the bird by a selective pH-independent anti-bacterial effect ::
• To promote digestion
• Improve appetite
• Restore the intestinal flora
• Strengthen the natural defenses
• Support the metabolism
• Increase nutrient absorption

Reduced use of or an alternative:

• Medicines to treat infections such as adeno-coli syndrome, paratyphoid, colibacillosis, ...
• Natural organic acids
• encapsulated organic acids
• Zinc oxide
• Oils, greases
• Brewer's yeast
• Pre - and probiotics


Breeding period:

• Daily 1 to 2 ml Wonder Pigeon / liter of drinking water (boy in the nest - breeding season).


• Daily 1.5ml Wonder Pigeon / liter of drinking water.

Flight Season:

• The day of arrival the next day + 2 ml Wonder Pigeon / liter of drinking water.

• The day of basketing + the day before: 3 ml Wonder Pigeon / liter of drinking water.

Moulting period:

• Daily 2 ml Wonder Pigeon / liter of drinking water.