True-Light LED Bulb E27

True-Light LED Bulb E27

We proudly present you our True-Light LED Bulb E27. With True Light, the world looks very different from your hobby. Birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and other hobby obviously need daylight.

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True-Light LED Bulb E27

True-Light LED

With a CRI of 96 and a color temperature of 5500 Kelvin, this is a unique product!

This LED does not contain UVA and UVB but has the original True-Light daylight color. It is a perfect combination of the latest technology with the original good daylight True-light!

12 Watt LED, dimmable, E27 socket.


With True Light, the world looks very different from your hobby. Birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians and other hobby obviously need daylight. Holders of this hobby are frantically enthusiastic about the use of True Light. Not before they found a light in which the animals feel comfortable and clear himself fully develop. True Light casts a new light on your aquarium, aviary and terrariumbak.

Reptiles and Amphibians

With True Light retrieves a simulation of real daylight in your terrarium. This received your reptiles and amphibians much needed UV energy to produce. Vitamin D This is essential for the immune system and build a strong skeleton. True Light combats metabolic diseases. True Light let your terrarium revive!


Bird Breeders among the first users of True Light. Word-of-mouth led to a revolutionary sale to bird breeders. Beneficial effects on birds using the daylight lamp True Light, like a cheerful behavior, better and faster moulting feathers were visible. Already after a short time The breeding results also increased and strengthened the eggshell. The mortality rate among young birds fell.

Breeders of birds confirm that their birds under True Light stop cocks with feathers and cannibalism. Furthermore, they indicated that they themselves could better assess their birds. The colors of the feathers are much better the true color of the paint.

Noteworthy was the improved social behavior and vital appearance. Birds are outside animals naturally. If they are inside, they lack the light to which they are accustomed. True Light can eliminate this shortcoming. True Light creates spry, healthy birds!


Your aquarium will never be the same if you use True Light full-spectrum lamps. The source of light promotes the growth of beneficial algae, while the inhibiting of less welcome organisms.

Colors of your fish and plants come to life in a healthy environment for your fish. Reproduction Opportunities are growing by the increased vitality and better recognition of complex color patterns during courtship.

Because True Light bulbs last much longer, you need to replace them. Less often True Light brings natural light into your aquarium. A combination of True Light with other lamps is therefore the best option. We can tell you all about it.