ISOSTAR Powerplay 90%

ISOSTAR Powerplay 90%

POWERPLAY 90% 750g orriginele packaging. POWERPLAY 90 HIGH PROTEIN, PROTEIN CONCENTRATE Protein Concentrate.

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ISOSTAR Powerplay 90% 750g
ISOSTAR Powerplay 90%

Isostar Sports Nutrition Launches PowerPlay | Whey protein and mass gainer

Isostar Sports Nutrition Launches PowerPlay! A special product line consisting of the goods Isostar Mass Gainer, Isostar Whey protein and high Isostar protein90. Three beautiful products in our opinion a good addition to the range of sports nutrition. For who? For a wide range of sports. Well suited for endurance and strength training with. Below is more information about these beautiful and good quality product. Naturally tested products: Chapeau Isostar, real PowerPlay!

Both in endurance sports as in athletics, your body needs quality nutrition. Especially for athletes who require extra effort from the body. At that time, the role of proper nutrition even more important. Sports nutrition is the ideal product to compliment good balanced diet based. Many athletes meditating on their reserves. This is killing for your recovery and for your long term health. Sports nutrition can ensure that you will not recover, only faster but also that your body can maintain optimal muscle and - may increase - in other situations.