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Frequently Asked Questions about Yacht Instinct

1. What is Hunting Instinct Animal Nutrition?
Yacht instinct is a new Dutch brand of natural, hypoallergenic animal feed for dogs and cats. Our animal feed includes as much as possible the food that dogs and cats would take in the wild. They are originally hunters and carnivores (meat eaters). This means that they benefit from a menu with lots of meat or fish. Yacht instinct provides this, but you will provide the ease of use and hygiene of bumps.

2. Where is Hunting Instinct Animal Feed produced?
Yacht instinct is produced near home, in the Netherlands. This gives us a lot of control over the quality, freshness and availability of food. Because no international transport is required and there are no intermediaries in the distribution, hunting instinct is payable. The animal feed is manufactured in a modern Dutch factory. It is constantly under strict control according to GMP and IFS quality standards.

3. What is natural animal nutrition actually?
Natural animal nutrition is dog and cat food without artificial ingredients. Our high quality products closely match the nutritional needs of dogs and cats and contain ten times as much meat or fish as in regular animal nutrition. In addition, our products are grain free and gluten free. This makes Hunting Instinct Animal Nutrition a lot healthier to your pet (s), even if they are very picky or sensitive eaters.

4. Why is 'normal' animal nutrition less good?
In 'normal' animal feed, only about 4% meat and / or fish are present. This is then supplemented with "animal by-product" (sludge), grains (biodegradable) and all kinds of artificial additives, such as synthetic coloring, flavoring and preserving agents, as well as accepting substances, which make pets think they are something tasty and healthy while Often not so. So choose natural food!

5. My dog ​​or cat does something wrong. Is hunting instinct suitable?
Let's assume that Hunting Instinct Animal Nutrition is especially intended for healthy dogs and cats. These can stay healthy with our natural animal feed. If a dog or cat does something wrong, we always advise you to give your hunting instinct only in close consultation with a vet or animal nutritionist. Our products can, in some cases, also provide some benefits, especially in allergies.

6. Are there any test bags available from Yacht Instinct?
Yes, we have sample bags (samples, samples) with a capacity of approximately 300 grams. There are samples of dog breeds and samples of cat breasts. We think it's important to mention that it's really best to give our pet (s) our pet food at least a few weeks to get a good idea of ​​all (positive) effects that Yacht Instinct brings about. You can rest assured, because we always do not have money back!

7. How much feed should I give to my dog ​​or cat?
Every dog ​​or cat is unique. When determining the right amount of food to be offered daily, pay attention to the dog or cat breed, animal age, weight and posture, animal health, and so on. On this site and on the back of our packaging are guidelines. Make sure your dog or cat always drinks fresh water and that the feed bin of a healthy cat is always filled with blemishes.

8. What is the difference between 'Regular', 'Puppy' and 'Squeezed'?
Our regular dog breads are extruded (production technique). This also applies to the puppy variant, which differs mainly from the regular variant when it comes to the size of the chunks (the chunks are smaller). We also have crunches. (Cold) pressing is another technique, with less heat being discussed. Perennials are often combined by dog ​​owners with the feeding of raw meat.

9. If, of course, I'm going to feed, why not raw meat?
Dogs and cats are carnivores, so meat eaters. In that sense, raw meat is not a crazy thought. But do not forget that this is really a subject separate. There is a lot of planning to be done: you must always keep the meat in stock, keep frozen, tidy thaw, take on holiday, and so on. Furthermore, it is important to be aware of the risk of infection. There is also a risk that you will be unilaterally.

10. I am breeder What has Jachtinstinct offer me?
We offer breeders a generous discount and free shipping on the basis of a discount code. We offer - on request - also free bags Hunting instinct available for puppy or kitten packages. Breeders may also receive a continuous commission on sales in case of recommendations, for example to puppy or kitten buyers! And you can get a 'private label' as a kennel or cattery (see: Huisdiermerk.nl).

11. I do not breed, but I have a lot of animals. What are you doing for me?
If you do not breed with your dogs or cats, but you do have a lot of pets, you may still be eligible for our generous breeders discount. If you have five pets or more, and are you planning to order us a regular amount (eg once a month), please send us a message about our "Breeder discount for non-breeders" to ask.

12. Is it true that your animal feed is relatively expensive?
Meat and fish are always more expensive than cereals, offal and other cheap fillers. When assessing the price, take into account the fact that your dog or cat is likely to eat up to 30% less of our diet. And do not mistake: The products of qualitatively similar brands are often more expensive because they are usually imported from the other side of the world. We are therefore proud of our price-quality ratio!

13. Where and how can I order Hunting Instinct Animal Nutrition?
The products of Hunting Instinct can best be ordered through our webshop. There have also been several sales outlets recently. There are no wholesalers as intermediaries. This keeps our products affordable. The webshop is completely safe and equipped with all the modern conveniences. You can pay with iDEAL and PayPal. There is free shipping on orders from € 50. Delivery will take place within 48 hours.

14. Can I review customer reviews before ordering?
Our beautiful words can be forgotten if you wish. Take a closer look at our customers' experiences. For our customer reviews we have recently worked with Kiyoh. To our customers, a few days after they received Hunting Instinct Animal Feed, they automatically asked if they would like to post a short review on our Kiyoh profile page (see our Kiyoh profile ). Kiyoh looks strictly at the authenticity of the reviews.

15. Is Jachtinstinct affiliated with Hond.nl and / or Kat.nl?
Hunting instinct Animal feed was created in 2016 as a spin-off of the websites Hond.nl and Kat.nl. In the meanwhile, Jachtinstinct has gained so much subsistence that it has become its own company. Initiative Maurice Vollebregt has (completely) transferred Hond.nl and Kat.nl to other entrepreneurs and is concentrating with his team today on further improving and promoting Hunting Instinct.