Ayurveda, the 'science of life'. The word "Ayurveda" is derived from two words, "Ayur" - life and "Veda" - knowledge. According to Ayurveda does not live stringent classification, but it is like a flowing stream in balance. H ...

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Ayurveda, the 'science of life'. The word "Ayurveda" is derived from two words, "Ayur" - life and "Veda" - knowledge. According to Ayurveda does not live stringent classification, but it is like a flowing stream in balance. The universe consists of five basic elements. These elements penetrate each other, each entry includes the other four with one. An Ayurvedic approach to life is holistic and comprehensive.

Information on Ayurveda - the oldest known cure, known since about 5000 years. From the beginning, Ayurveda is by means of a continuous growth and is now bekendt in the whole world. The principles of Ayurveda are universal and timeless. They are present in everyday life, an advice to anyone who is looking for a convenient and simple and holistic form of a healthy life.

Ayurveda deals with the natural principles that form the basis for creating, protecting and restoring health. It strives for a balance between body, mind and soul. At that time, when this balance is achieved, we experience a sense of inner peace, happiness and health. It is the original and natural state.

Health is not merely the absence of disease.
Health is the return to the source.
It is a dynamic manifestation of life.

Our proposal is Ayurvedic principles are used for prophylaxis pigeons to achieve better health and the best results in the competitions.

Most important herbs of Ayurveda
Garlic - Allium sativum
Parts Used: Tuber (tuber)
Effect: antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidantisch,
hypolipidemic, immuno-modulatory
Usage: viral diseases, gastro-intestinal problems,
hypercholesterolemia and circulation.

Andrographis paniculata -Kalmegh
Parts Used: Whole plant, leaves and roots.
Effects: hepatoprotective, cholagogue, antipyretic, too
use: in the hepatic disorders, diarrhea and infectious hepatitis

Ashwagandha - Ashwagandha
Parts used: Roots, leaves and whole plant
Effect: anti-stress, and adaptive immune-regulatory
Usage: to improve the efficiency of the organism, and
to adapt to new circumstances

Punarnava - Boerhaavia diffusa
Parts Used: Whole plant
Effect: anesthetic, antiviral, hepatoprotective and anti-inflammatory
Usage: in chronic renal failure, hepatic dysfunction
and problems of the urinary tract

Chirata - Swertia Chirata
Parts Used: Whole plant
Effects: liver protective, anti-inflammatory,
blood sugar, deworming Usage: as a bitter tonic, astringent,
antidiarrhoeic, liver dysfunction and delay ulcer

Phyllanthus emblica - Amlabaum
Parts used: fruit, root bark, leaves, seeds and flowers
Effect: reinforcement regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant
Use: for gastroenteritis
4 steps for health of a pigeon
1 Healthy Liver
2 Integrity of the intestine
3 High immunity
4 Strong skeleton and strong eggshells
Liver - the most precious organ
* The liver is responsible for ::
* Detoxification
* Vitamin synthesis
* Fat recovery
* Storage of certain nutrients

Healthy liver = healthy pigeons and birds Myco-Liv 200g, Fito-Liv
The key to success in the professional pigeons and birds breeding is to protect the highest state of health of these precious birds and birds.

Deliver efficiency has a direct influence on the condition of pigeons and birds. In a bad bile, secreted and other enzymes by improperly digested food. Maldigested feed resulting in the malfunctioning of the entire gastro-intestinal tract and this can lead to diarrhea. It is recommended to use the high-quality products based on plant extracts. They show to improve a wide range of uses for the liver, heart and kidney function.

The best connoisseurs know that the use of preventive medicine for pigeons and birds the best and cheapest way to obtain an optimal resistance of the pigeons and birds.

The use of herbs to promote the liver has been known. It has been proven that herbal therapy is the only way to improve the activity of the liver cells. Other ingredients such as vitamins, lipotropic agents, enzymes, liver extracts, and so forth. It can be used as a replacement of a temporary restoration of the liver function, but not for the stimulation and regeneration of liver cells. There are many herbs such as Andrographis paniculata, Boerhaavia difussa, picrorrhiza kurroa and Swertia Chirata which has a scientifically proven effect on the liver. A combination of the above-mentioned herbs makes for a synergistic enhancement and better results and success in the loft!

Integrity of the gut = no diarrhea Oregomix 100ml Diaromix 200g Diaromix Plus 5kg
culturing a frequent situation in birds and birds is the problem of loose feces, and diarrhea. Sometimes this is caused by the rapid changes in the bird diet, poor food quality, poor quality of dietary fat or bacteria / viruses. One should also not ignore the problems of water quality.

A natural way to deal with bacteria, is the use of essential oils of oregano, a combination of acids and electrolytes and herbal extracts. Such a combination of products guarantee a rapid onset of action against diarrhea, and a reduction of intestinal disorders and the inhibition of pathogenic growth.

The use of natural products provides for the protection of the digestive system, regenerative mechanisms of action retaining the mucosa of the stomach and intestines.

Pigeons and birds suffering from diarrhea, lose nutrients / electrolytes and especially water. This leads to a deterioration in the condition of birds and birds. It can lead to weakness, or even death.

Often, diarrhea is a sign of a poor diet of pigeons and birds. In such cases recommended to use special food for pigeons with diarrhea problems. Some products which inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, improve liver functions and strengthen the natural defenses of the birds.

Healthy immune = Healthy pigeons and birds Immuno-Plus 100 ml, 100 ml Fito-Sprint

Each organism has two defense systems.

  1. 1. Non-specific innate immunity
  2. 2. Self-acquired specific immunity

Non-specific immunity mechanisms are based on activity of cellular factors such as granulocytes and macrophages, and physical barriers such as mucous membranes. Each organism activates the non-specific immunity directly as it comes into contact with germs. Despite their effectiveness, these systems are not always able to deal with any infection and germ. That's where the specific immunity is involved. If germs penetrate the nonspecific system, they are opposed by white blood cells such as T and B lymphocytes. If the same pathogen penetrates later, being contested this quickly, because the specific immune system remembers the defensive reaction to any life-threatening germ.

A healthy immune system guarantees the maximum benefits and satisfaction that can be achieved in the sport. Only winning the healthiest bird prices.

Sick pigeons and birds use a lot of energy to fight their disease. To support can, of course stimulating products are used, which protect against viral and bacterial infections and relieve the symptoms. Regular use of these products gives the pigeons a significant improvement in the health, the immune system, and the response to a vaccination. Optimally selected vitamins and Ω3 fatty acids not only stimulate the immune system, but also have a positive effect on the fertility of the pigeons and birds. There is even a special line of products aimed at racing pigeons, which improves their condition, protects them from extreme weather conditions, and helps in recovery after heavy exertion.

Strong skeleton and strong eggshell = healthy and youngsters Bio-Cal 100 ml

Strength and quality of the eggshell are essential for the health of the young birds. A weak, thin shell of low density has no barrier to pathogens and protects the embryo badly against infections. Pathogens that come into the inside of an egg, thus developmental disorders of embryos may even lead to death. Undoubtedly strengthened eggshell guarantees lower mortality and better health for the youngsters.

An increase in calcium in the diet often gives still more problems, since too high a dose of this mineral is not absorbed. The optimal solution is the use of drugs that enhance the absorption from the diet of calcium and phosphorus.
An additional effect of the use of these compositions is the substantial improvement of the skeleton.
Both options increase hatching and survival of young birds.

Structure of a Soxhlet device:
1. Solvent
2. flask
3. Vapor line
4. Extraction Cup
5. Extraction Equipment
6-7. Overloophevel
8. reducer
9. Cooler
10. Cooling water inlet
11. cooling water discharge