infrared panels

infrared panels

Infrared panels Dovital vitality products provides the benefit of complete climate in lofts, aviaries and animal enclosures infrared radiant panels: Fertilization Faster Improvement in shape for the flight Ver ...

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infrared panels Dovital vitality products provides the benefit of complete climate in lofts, aviaries and animal enclosures infrared radiant panels:

fertilization Improvement
Faster in shape for the flight
Enhanced recovery after long flights
Better flight results by improving the overall circulation
Controlling the humidity

By applying infrared heat panels heat from the sun is simulated perfectly and feel the animals feel more comfortable and at ease. In addition, word by application of the panels to such an extent reduced the relative air humidity that the loft remain pleasantly dry.

Some proven benefits of infrared heat panels are:

90% of radiant heat
No electro-magnetic radiation or static
Drying loft for improved performance
Absolutely no fire hazard
Easy to install
Energy saving compared to conventional heating

The radiant heating is the ideal solution for dehumidifying your pigeon loft. The infrared heat rays to dry the floor without fabric movement. As a result, there is much less dust, viruses and bacteria in the respiratory tract of the animals. The risk of infection of the respiratory tract is by the use of the panels is minimized greatly.

Before and during flight, in wet cold weather, bring the pigeons by the simulated sunlight in a desired flight form. You also have by the use of the panels in combination with a dimmer and hygro / thermostat, the possibility to influence the temperature difference between day and night.

For the winter season, the infra-red heat rays, in combination with a light source, an ideal preparation for uniformly laying of eggs, and the realization of a higher fertilization rate. By using infrared heat panels many fanciers have a 100 percent conception rate during the winter season.

Older flight pigeons that get hurt in the cold winter in the limbs, come smoothly through the winter. They reward you all during the winter season with well-fertilized eggs. The radiant heating makes the stay in the loft for the enthusiast too pleasant in winter. Thereby the air is not unnecessarily heated. Nevertheless, the dove feel in the range of the infrared radiation pleasant, just as if the sun shines.

Sizes and power ratings,
E100K, 500x320x30mm, 100 Watt
E200K, 750x320x30mm, 200 Watt
E270K, 1000x320x30mm, 270 Watt
E330K, 1250x320x30mm, 330 Watt
E400K, 1500x320x30mm, 400 Watt
E600, 1200x600x30mm, 600 Watt

How many panels and power do you need?

We apply a minimum calculation for the basic need.
Here we assume normal insulated homes / buildings.

1. Living up to 2.6m height = 22 watts per M3
2. Dovecote / aviary = 22 watts per M3
3. Bathroom to 2.6m height = 44 watts per M3

Do not forget to order your thermostat!