Belgica de Weerd

Belgica de Weerd

Belgica de Weerd products can be found on Dovital. In the Netherlands more than 70% of the top players make use of the successful program of Belgica de Weerd

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Belgica de Weerd

The international success of the sport program , consisting of a series of safe and reliable , balanced quality preparations '

Drs. de Weerd has since 1972 specialized in medical and technical guidance sport of racing pigeons . To answer , especially regarding the modern , responsible medical care to the many questions surrounding the sport is in his clinic in Breda , a team of specialists ready .

Daily visit numerous lovers from home and abroad, the clinic and consult veterinarian De Weerd related follow therapies and prevention of all common diseases in pigeons . A considerable part of the questions and requests for assistance also relate to methods of play , hokinstallaties , nutrition and breeding programs . Telephone advice to get pigeons fast " top fit" again also form an important part of the practical execution . More than 50,000 fanciers rely on the expertise and "know how" from " Pigeons Clinic Breda " .

With his famous father Piet de Weerd , he visited already at a very early age many fanciers in Belgium and the Netherlands . This was followed by visits to Germany, America , Canada , Mexico, Thailand , United Kingdom, Taiwan, China , Japan , Poland , Spain , Portugal, etc. In most cases, this world traveling lectures were enlivened by Piet and Drs . De Weerd on selection and the most common pigeon diseases .

All products by Belgica de Weerd ® are developed in Breda after its own research and GMP produced in their region. All products are free from doping . Before introducing the products, these were tested by the top players in the practice .

The products of Belgica de Weerd ® are used with great success in more than 25 countries . In the Netherlands more than 70 % of the top players make use of the successful program of Belgica de Weerd ® .