Dr. Brockamp

Dr. Brockamp

Dr. Brockamp products can be found on our website. Dr. Brockamp has several products for your Bird / Pigeon

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Dr. Brockamp

What is a probiotic ?

Probiotic bacteria are micro -organisms , which are found in the intestinal tract of non-stressed , healthy living beings . These include, for example, lactic acid bacteria , which can be found in yogurt or other dairy products are . These beneficial bacteria are included with the power and form a natural balance in the intestine , called intestinal flora . They are specifically being alive to leak.
The bacteria produce essential nutrients that the upper body can not produce itself. Moreover, they help digest food better contained and they get made pathogenic bacteria such as salmonella , coccidia , hexamita , E. coli or yeast bacteria from the gut .

A dietary supplement that such live , contains beneficial bacteria , called a probiotic.

Especially stress , change of feed, antibiotics or simply wrong , non - balanced diet soon lead to a disturbance of the natural balance and therefore a destruction of the intestinal flora . The power supply is then no longer optimally digested, the immune system is weakened and the dove loses its ability to resist against bowel diseases. The result is a loss of vitality , so that the performance capacity is reduced extremely .

Because the intestinal flora is specific for the different species , are probiotics that are suitable for the human being , not necessarily good also for animals . The concentrations present in dairy products such as yogurt probiotic bacteria for example are much too small to colonize . Intestinal system operates
With the modern biotechnology, it is now possible for a variety of species that are able to grow actively to form a population. Specific bacteria in the intestinal tract

The products Probac 1000 and Probac Energy contain certain combinations of pigeon specific microorganisms in microcapsules , which are primarily distinguished by two key features:
1 . ) Acid resistance , and 2 . ) The ability to colonize . The small intestine of the pigeon , which unlike that of man is only a few centimeters long , active Moreover, in comparison with other preparations Probac has a decisive advantage in using : it does not need to be frozen , but can be stored at room temperature !

The pigeon as a professional athlete
The presatiegerichte pigeon crop requires more than just optimal care . The duivenmelkder the performance of animals are expected , shall bikers even responsible for ensuring that the conditions necessary for the performance of his pigeons are realized . This includes not only a perfect hygiene throughout the year , but also the willingness to adhere . Sufficient working with his animals

Form wins Class
Obviously the class dove a prerequisite for high performance. But what characterizes the class pigeon? It is his genetic potential for peak performance. The duivenmelkder must be able to reach his pigeons . These genetic presatiegrens during games Only then will he end up the winner , because : form of class wins !

One using drugs reached , artificial form of short duration . In true form , the top form , involves much more than just health . However, health is a prerequisite . The durable form (condition ) that we need arises at light -controlled , completely naturally by regular , intensive training .

Always up - to-date
In order to meet the increased training requirements - as everywhere in modern sport - a professional dietary supplementation is essential. This must be specific to the performance requirements and metabolism of the modern pigeon focus and integrate the latest scientific insights diet . Many nutritional supplements for pigeons take sufficient account of this knowledge . The metabolism of the animals must work to remove unnecessary . Excess substances from the digestive This is especially the liver very stressful and prevents optimum performance . Our products, however, are regularly subjected to official control and continuously kept up to date .

Stagnation means decline
Based on our experiences from the past few years , we have care plans adapted slightly again this year .
How successful we are in our system , is evident also from other publications and advertising texts of our competitors, our copy often literally .
But we will continue to work to always keep . A nose

Rely on our expertise darom and follow our system . Specifically tailored to the metabolism of the pigeon , unique in its composition and always up - to-date !