Ropa-B products are very high quality. Most items are produced in our Dutch factory, and are based on oregano from our own plantations.

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Ropa-B Powder 10%

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Ropa-B The natural treatment for pigeons

Natural and professional quality
Your pigeon has the very best care and required nutrition, all year round, for optimum results. Everything is connecting the intestine causing this should remain as healthy as possible.

Chemicals and antibiotics provide resistance of bacteria and residual symptoms. This is now prevented by the use of the 100% natural product Ropa-B.

Since 1994 Ropapharm International is engaged in the production and improvement OREGANO gebasseerde feed products worldwide with onderzoeksinstuten, veterinarians and nutricionisten. This patent application is also used pigeons since 1995 under the name Ropa-B powder 10%, Ropa-B liquid 10%.

The known anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitic activity of oregano There are unfortunately many fakes available. Awake before, since the percentages oregano oil is often minimal and you do not know exactly how many active substances there is in the product, let alone how much needs your pigeon.

We grow our own selected oregano plants by distillation, we extract the oil from the plant. This allows us to consistently deliver the same high quality products from the seed to the finished product!