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Sudhoff Novo Top 250g
Sudhoff Novo Top 250g

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Sudhoff Strath 250ml

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Sudhoff The performance-based pigeon breeding requires now more than ever an optimized supply and an excellent health. Especially the health of pigeons is important to us.

In our own and officially recognized laboratory practice we all perform in pigeon medicine conventional studies.

Fecal samples are parasitologically, vollbakteriologisch, mycological (on mushrooms) and examined if necessary for chlamydia pathogen.

Pigeons are examined in addition to the clinical examination on parasites such as Trichomonas and coccidia, and all bacterial pathogens out. If necessary, we take blood samples, which are tested for antibodies against Salmonella, paramyxovirus virus and other pathogens. Paternity tests complement the diagnostic range.

Special tests such as X, ultrasound and endoscopy are also standard our practice.

In practice own operating all operations whether tumor removal, treatment of fractures or other operations under modern inhalation anesthetic technique performed. A subsequent hospitalization is possible in the separate boxes in an air conditioned room.