This full-spectrum lamp, developed in the US for submarines and space travel, can not be compared with other daylight lamps. True Light equals the daylight so close, no other lamp can touch it. Other ordinary daylight lamps lack parts of the spectral bandwidth and thus the positive effects of natural light, namely the stimulation of vitamin D production, a healthy working / living atmosphere and perfect color reproduction. In addition, True Light is made of a sodium glass tube, which transmits the healthy UV A and UV B. This radiation is very small and biologically dosed.

What is a high frequency luminaire?
The conventional fluorescent luminaires have a starter and a transformer, recognizable by the flashing start. These luminaires give 50 flashes per second, or 50 Hz.

One can call a fluorescent fixture high-frequency if the flashes are higher than 50 per second. But if you purchase a high-frequency 100Hz luminaire, or 100 flashes per second, you will see few advantages over the 50 Hz luminaires.

We only speak of High Frequency when the flashes per second exceed the 10,000 Hz. This means that instead of the 50 flashes per second, there are now 10,000 flashes or more per second. That is really high frequency, we can no longer perceive these blinks and therefore we see this as “quiet light”.

The high frequency luminaires that we sell even give up to 33,000 flashes per second !!

The advantages of real high frequency luminaires.

saves 25% energy
gives a very long economic life for the lamp, up to 30% more!
gives a quieter light and relieves the eye task in humans and animals.
does not give any measurable electromagnetic fields
Truelight TL 58W 1200mm 5500K full-spectrum lamp
When using cover caps, these may not be made of glass, in particular the filtering effect of the light, the effect of the lamp is gone.

TL armatuur plus tl 36w
Hoog frequent enkel armatuur 1 x 36 watt met montagebalk


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